CommVault Shares Its SharePoint Strengths

CommVault Shares Its SharePoint Strengths

Many Windows backup vendors tout their products' ability to back up and restore Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. But only one vendor—CommVault (—provides a full backup and restore capability for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server data, asserted Chris Van Wagoner, CommVault's director of product marketing. "We're seeing an explosion in the use of SharePoint Portal Server," Chris said. "At present, we're the only vendor that can restore an original document back into the SharePoint infrastructure."

      CommVault's Galaxy Backup & Recovery product, part of the vendor's QiNetix platform, backs up the SQL Server–based SharePoint repository as well as search and keyword information, thereby allowing restoration of complete, original SharePoint documents in minutes, Chris said. "The SharePoint capability is an outgrowth of our close relationship with Microsoft. Our strategy is to support Microsoft's endeavor to get into the data protection market," Chris said, by providing backup capabilities that complement Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager.

—Anne Grubb


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