Comdex Fall '99 wrap-up

Well, another long, strange week at Fall Comdex is over and I'm back home wondering where the time went. I've got coverage of the entire week on my special Comdex report, along with a slew of photos from the show. Special thanks, as always, to WUGNET, for putting me up in Las Vegas, and to Keith Furman for putting up with me all week, supplying the photos, and helping me write the ongoing updates. Check out the Comdex coverage online at the WinInfo Web site. In a few days, I'll archive the show report in the reviews section of the SuperSite for Windows as well.

One thing I meant to do while I was away was catch up on my email. That didn't happen, unfortunately, but I did organize my Inbox into a dozen folders with rules to ensure that mail gets piped around properly. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a new, more organized, Paul. You know never know.

Have a great weekend,


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