College is no Place for an iPad

College is no Place for an iPad

In the latest release in the continuing video campaign against using the iPad for anything, Microsoft pretty much makes the case for which device is better for college students. Microsoft's series of Windows versus iPad commercials continue to show the real value of Windows 8 devices in real life.

Microsoft shows off the Lenovo Yoga in the newest video release, which is a phenomenal computer – however, in all regards, it is a computer. The Lenovo Yoga is a touch laptop that provides the capability to fully fold the keyboard behind the display, or to fold it backwards and use it as a tablet stand. There's really no competition here. In fact, the laptop could be running Windows 7 and still be just as valuable (maybe more) to a college student.

However, this may be the first "iPad versus" video where it's not ended showing the price difference between the iPad and the starring device. Primarily because the cheapest Yoga model is around $900. Still, apples and oranges. College students need more than a semi-versatile tablet.

Here's the latest spot:

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