ClubWin releases WWWin online magazine!

I'm proud to announce the very first issue of ClubWin's new online magazine, World Wide Windows (WWWin)! World Wide Windows is written by a highly skilled group of technology enthusiasts, including authors, journalists, developers, and programmers. They are also members of ClubWin, an exclusive group of dedicated online technology enthusiasts that promote Windows as a solution for any type of PC. And, I should note, I am a member of the editorial board for WWWin, though my contributions to this first issue were limited to editing and the inclusion of articles from WinInfo.

For the first issue, WWWin includes a review of SQL Server 7.0, a preview of FrontPage 2000, and a variety of articles about using Windows at home, at work, on the road, and on the Internet. The second issue, due in mid-March, will focus on Internet Explorer 5.0. Check it out today on the ClubWin Web site

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