Citrix Releases FR1 for MetaFrame XP; More

Monday, Citrix released four updates to previous products: Feature Release 1 (FR1) for Citrix MetaFrame XP, FR1 for MetaFrame for UNIX 1.1, NFuse 1.6, and Citrix Extranet 2.5.

MetaFrame XP FR1 adds Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption, Content Publishing, support for Computer Associates' Unicenter TNG (MetaFrame XPe only), Auto Client Reconnect, Citrix Web Console, and the Citrix Universal Print Driver. This is a short list; for the rest of the new features, see the Citrix Web site.

MetaFrame 1.1 for UNIX FR1 supports the latest version of Citrix NFuse application-portal software, SSL Encryption, the latest compression and persistent-caching techniques, and the ability to connect to applications using large resolutions and up to 16 million colors. Citrix NFuse 1.6 includes an improved UI and added fault tolerance; NFuse contacts back-up servers automatically if the system registers a failed request. The new version of NFuse includes some of the Columbia features, and NFuse 1.6 will include a new version of Columbia. Citrix Extranet 2.5 VPN software supports several new clients including the zero-install Java client and the Windows XP client, as well as server support for Windows 2000 and Microsoft's upcoming Windows .NET Server.

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