Citrix introduces MetaFrame XP

This week, Citrix announced the next-generation version of its MetaFrame
thin-client solution--MetaFrame XP. Offered in Server, Advanced, and
Enterprise editions, MetaFrame XP runs on Windows 2000 Server products
to provide large-scale application-server environments that support up
to 100,000 users on up to more than 1000 servers. Designed as an add-on
for the Windows Terminal Services (WTS) feature that's bundled with
Win2K, MetaFrame XP supports a wider range of client devices, a smarter
network protocol, and better scalability than standard WTS.
"Increasing adoption of Win2K and the growing customer demand for
Web-based application delivery and access have combined to create an
ideal environment for this highly scalable and robust product family,"
says David Weiss, vice president of Citrix marketing. "MetaFrame XP
contains a new platform design, integrated platform management and
family packaging that allows customers to effectively grow their
application-serving platform to fit their specific needs."
Citrix offers MetaFrame XPs (Server) for departmental workgroups,
MetaFrame XPa (Advanced) for growing organizations, and MetaFrame XPe
(Enterprise) for extensive scalability, rapid application delivery, and
robust management features. The product family consists of a command
center application, a Java-based Citrix Management Console, portal
software, and a host of other applications and services. For more
information, visit the Citrix Web site.


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