Citrix Enhances XML Security With Quicktree Acquisition

Citrix announced that it has acquired Quicktree, maker of XML security technology. The company intends to integrate Quicktree's technology into its AppExpert policy framework.

Citrix said that the new capabilities of AppExpert "will first be applied to the company’s NetScaler product line, enhancing its application traffic management, attack defense and optimization features." NetScaler is a Web application delivery platform that enhances performance and traffic management.

Quicktree's XML Security Module (XSM) enables network devices, such firewalls, VPNs, and proxy servers, to handle content inspection and XML security needs by processing XML data before it reaches the intended application. Early XML processing improves overall performance and better protects application servers from attack.

Quicktree was founded by Raghu Bathina, who served as its CEO. Bathina founded Quicktree after leaving Nokia, where he served as the company's senior director of product management in the security division. Bathina and all Quicktree employees will join Citrix in California and India.

TAGS: Security
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