CES: Windows Media expands to new devices

Live from Las Vegas: Microsoft announced Saturday at 2001 CES that 11 new digital music devices have announced support for the Windows Media format, bringing the total number of compatible devices to over 60. The new products, which are being launched at the show, includes CD players, portable audio players, and home stereo components that link up with Windows Media Player playlists on a PC. Microsoft notes that the Windows Media Audio 7 format provides better security than rival MP3, while requiring less disk space for recordings of the same quality.

"Windows Media is all about giving consumers easy access to their music wherever they want to hear it, throughout the home or anywhere on the go," says Dave Fester, the general manager of marketing for the Digital Media Division at Microsoft. "This groundswell of adoption in such a wide range of new devices will bring the benefits of Windows Media home to millions more people--high-quality sound and the most playing time."

The new devices include Intel's 128 MB Pocket Concert Audio Player, the business-oriented Rio 800, SongPro for GameBoy, the Thompson Lyra 2, and the Rio Digital Audio Receiver, which was demonstrated with Whistler by Bill Gates during his keynote address Saturday morning. All of the devices support Windows Media 7 and the recently released Windows Media 8 beta formats

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