CES: Microsoft announces UltimateTV

Live from Las Vegas: Microsoft on Saturday announced the availability of the UltimateTV service, which combines satellite-based DirecTV programming with digital video recording, live TV controls, interactive TV features, and Internet access, all in a single package. Microsoft UltimateTV features two TV tuners, allowing users to view two television programs simultaneously, watch one live show while recording another, or even record two live shows simultaneously; Microsoft says that this feature is a first. The service will cost about $10 or $15, depending on the services requested, but this cost is in addition to the normal DirecTV fees.

"UltimateTV offers consumers a whole new way to experience television," says Bruce Leak, the President of Microsoft WebTV Networks. "Now you can live your life and still enjoy great TV, pick the best time to watch your favorite shows, pause live TV to answer the phone, and send an e-mail message with a picture of your kids to your in-laws during a commercial."

Sony and RCA announced new UltimateTV devices Saturday. For more information, please visit the Microsoft UltimateTV Web site

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