Can I administer my domain from an NT Workstation?

A. A. Yes, if you install the NT Server client based Administration tools:

  1. Insert the NT Server CD-ROM into your NT Workstation
  2. Run the file <CD-ROM drive>:\clients\srvtools\winnt\setup.bat. This will detect you processor and install the correct images into the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder. You will have to press return.
  3. Remove the CD-ROM
  4. You now need to create shortcuts either on the desktop or start menu for the applications:
    - dhcpadmn.exe --- DHCP Manager
    - poledit.exe --- System Policy Editor
    - rasadmin.exe --- Remote Access Administrator
    - rplmgr.exe --- Remoteboot Manager
    - srvmgr.exe --- Server Manager
    - usrmgr.exe --- User Manager for Domains
    - winsadmn.exe --- WINS Manager

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