BT Counterpane Offers Two New Managed Service Options

Managed security service provider BT Counterpane announced two new service offerings, both of which are powered by Qualys scanning technology to provide on-demand vulnerability scanning, reporting, and remediation assistance.

BT Counterpane's new premium service option is designed for companies that handle their own administration. The basic service is for those companies that prefer to have BT Counterpane handle administration. The new services are part of the company's overall portfolio of security solutions that include device management, monitoring, log retention, email and Web scanning, and DDoS prevention.

"The new scanning services will further ensure that \[our\] customers' complex and global IT networks are monitored on a frequent and real-time basis, \[are\] protected from threats and \[are\] compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley, \[Payment Card Industry\] (PCI) and other data privacy mandates and audit requirements," said Doug Howard, chief operating officer at BT Counterpane.

SecureWorks and Telus.

TAGS: Security
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