Borland previews Delphi 3 and outlines future plans

Borland previewed its upcoming Delphi 3 product at the JavaOne conference on Wednesday and outlined plans for an Object Request Broker (ORB) that will manage objects across different platforms. Multitier Distributed Application Services (MIDAS) will ship with Delphi 3 when it is released next month. MIDAS provides a common interface for Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, a "two-way tools" architecture (where programmers can work visually with objects or hand-code them), native database drivers, SQL tools, and a shared component model (probably the VCL). Delphi is porting all of their development tools to the interface first pioneered by Delphi: C++ Builder and IntraBuilder, for C++ and JavaScript/database intranet development respectively, use it now and JBuilder, due this summer, will also use it. JBuilder is Borland's upcoming Java development tool.

Zack Urlocker, Borland's vice president of management, said that Borland is committed to delivering one major product per quarter. "We know we're in a position where we have to under-promise and over-deliver \[to regain marketshare\]," Urlocker said

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