Borland become Inprise, focuses on enterprise

Borland International Inc. is changing its name to Inprise Corporation and renewing its focus on distributed enterprise development. CEO Del Yocam says the evolutionary change is the culmination of 18 months of planning and acquisitions. To officially change its name, Borland's shareholders must agree; a meeting is set for June. The world Inprise means "Integrating the Enterprise" if you were wondering.

In other odd news, Inprise is actually keeping the Borland name for use with its family of development tools.

"Of course, we also want customers to know that the qualities that made Borland products popular among developers are very important to us," says Vice President of Marketing Zack Urlocker. "So we are retaining the Borland brand name for our family of development environments that include JBuilder, Delphi, C++Builder, and so on. Our Enterprise products, such as VisiBroker, Entera, and AppCenter, as well as new enterprise products, such as the Integrated Transaction Service and Application Server, will use the Inprise brand name.

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