Booking Manager App for Offline Scheduling runs on Windows RT

Booking Manager App for Offline Scheduling runs on Windows RT

I know many of you are inundated with requests for good apps that solve burning office issues. It really doesn't matter if it's your expertise or not, users still always expect you to have an answer – or at least help them research it with all your free time.

One of those frequent requests is which software will help better manage conference room or board room scheduling. Booking Manager is an app that installs and runs on Windows RT and Windows Pro that solves facility scheduling through a touch-enabled interface. Originally intended to handle real estate, it can be fitted to work in an office environment, allowing scheduling of interoffice properties.

Since it runs on Windows RT, you can obtain any cheap tablet (even the original Surface RT), load up the app and create a pretty cost effective solution.

There is a caveat, though. The app only supports a locally installed database, meaning when it installs, everything is local to the device it installs on. That means there's no data or database sharing, or Cloud-based synchronization.

In addition to booking and scheduling, Booking Manager has the ability to assign costs to office properties, which is important for companies that like to track by cost center. Reporting is also available so that management can get an overview for the month (or other specified date range).

Normally $9.99, Booking Manager is free until June 10, 2014.

To get it, search the Windows Store for 'Booking Manager' or use the following link:

Download: Booking Manager - Place or Facility

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