Bob Dole backs DOJ investigation of Microsoft

Former U.S. presidential candidate and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole is backing the Department of Justice anti-trust investigation of Microsoft. Despite the fact that his "\[Republican\] instincts lead \[him\] away from government regulation," Dole says that Microsoft enjoys an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

"When a dominant company artificially dictates how, where, and even if consumers have choice in the online marketplace, it is time for the government to step in and enforce the antitrust laws," Dole said. "It is fairly easy, for example, to envision the entire securities industry moving to the Internet--initiating millions of online transactions worth billions of dollars each year. If almost everyone must pass through a Microsoft toll booth to use the Internet, it is not unreasonable to believe that Microsoft will impose its 'vig' on most activity on the Internet."

\[If anyone knows what a "vig" is, please let me know. --Paul\]

In any event, a U.S. District court will rule on December 5th whether the DOJ case can proceed.

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