Bing Maps Brings the 3D World to Windows 8.1 in Just Released Preview

Bing Maps Brings the 3D World to Windows 8.1 in Just Released Preview

Microsoft has now made available for installation the modern app version of Bing Maps for Windows 8.1. Available from the Windows store, the app provides a touch-enabled experience for locating places in the world and viewing them in 3D high-resolution.

I installed the app and am impressed with the functionality, however, the graphic rendering differs between devices due to both network signal strength and video hardware capability.  The same location displayed on the Lenovo Tablet 2 takes up to 5 minutes to change direction orientation whereas it takes less than 30 seconds on the Surface Pro.

The app installs alongside the original Bing Maps that comes preinstalled as part of the Windows 8.1 operating system, and will not replace it. Keep in mind that this is a "Preview" version, which, in these crazy times, is just a word replacement for "Beta," meaning this isn't the final version. So, expect frequent updates.

You can either search for 'Bing Maps Preview' in the Window store, or use this link: Bing Maps Preview

Full set of features:

  • Explore a beautiful new world of 3D maps with interactive labels and high-resolution aerial imagery with terrain mapping.
  • Experience select cities in stunning and interactive high-resolution 3D.
  • Use touch gestures to travel the world and see it from any viewpoint. New touch gestures let you change the angle of view and rotate the map by using two fingers.
  • Step into Streetside to see what a location really looks like with 360 degree panoramas.
  • Search for businesses, get directions, and browse local businesses with new on-screen controls designed to make it easy to quickly find what you need.
  • Get personalized recommendations for restaurants and businesses by signing in with your Facebook credentials and Microsoft account to see what friends like and what’s popular in your area.
  • Get detailed information about businesses including phone numbers, addresses and business hours, and call directly from the app.
  • Check traffic conditions, estimated travel times and see traffic incidents on your favorite routes.
  • Stay ahead of traffic with active traffic notifications and live tile updates that alert you to traffic conditions, incidents, and road closures.
  • Get and print step-by-step driving, walking and transit directions to the places you want to go.
  • Tap on landmarks to learn more about local sights and attractions.
  • Save your favorite places and add pins to customize your map.
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