Believe it or not: OS/2 in the news

It seems the only time OS/2 ever makes the news is when someone steps forward to predict it's dead. Well, OS/2 may be dead, but that hasn't stopped IBM from quietly enhancing it. This week, IBM announced that it intends to create a version of OS/2 for NCs, or Network computers. The new OS will use the OS/2 kernel, a Web browser, and a Java VM to create a thin client that IBM hopes corporations will go for. Warp for NC, as the project is known, will be available by the end of the year.

In another unrelated OS/2 story, IBM also announced three new components that allows OS/2 Warp to integrate better with Windows 95 and NT in a network environment. The three components include a Windows 95 client for Warp, a Windows NT 4.0 client for Warp, and a Network Neighborhood enabler that allows Windows clients to use the desktop icon to browse Warp Server networks. The Windows 95 client is available on IBM's Web site and is free for those with a Windows 95 license and Warp Server.

Oh, one more thing: I realize you didn't hear this here first, but OS/2 _is_ dead. :)

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IBM Warp Server

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