Barksdale maps the future at Netscape

In a press and analyst event yesterday to plug Netcenter, Netscape's new home page, Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale took time to map the future of the company. Not content to rest on its laurels, Netscape is expanding past the limited Web browser market into intranets, server software, E-mail, and electronic commerce. The company will also move into the professional consulting market now dominated by the likes of Andersen Consulting. Maybe they should call it "Andreessen Consulting."

Speaking of Andreessen, Hardees' favorite customer was seen in public for the first time in a while, talking up "Javagator," the company's upcoming 100% Pure Java Web browser. Andreessen says Netscape is using some code from Sun's HotJava Web browser to develop the product, which is expected early next year.

Netscape also downplayed the browser wars and Microsoft's integration of IE 4.0 into the Windows operating system. As for the Apple-Microsoft deal, VP Marty Kagan says that Microsoft is simply "creating a heterogeneous environment" perfect for Netscape software

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