'Back Orifice' tool debuts

Hackers of the world unite: the so-called "Cult of the Dead Cow" (CDC) demonstrated a Windows NT hacking application called "Back Orifice" (you have to love the name at least) that promises to give its user complete control over a remote Windows NT computer. The groups says it is releasing the tool for free in an effort to make a statement about Microsoft's security problems.

"By trying to make computers more user friendly, Microsoft has overlooked security and taken away a user's control of his PC," said the so-called "Sir Dystic, a hacker member of the CDC and the author of "Back Orifice."

Normally, this sort of thing wouldn't generate much excitement outside of the hacking and warez crowds, but there's a problem this time around: The program appears to actually work, allowing any user to explore remote systems, send files to those systems, and even delete files, even over a secure connection.

Back Orifice was supposed to be released today, but as of this writing it is still not available. For more information, please visit the CDC home page (just don't tell me about it, please)

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