AutoVirt 3.0 Aims to Clean Up Your Storage

AutoVirt 3.0 Aims to Clean Up Your Storage

AutoVirt's software solution lets you treat all your non-database data storage as one big drive.

AutoVirt 3.0, released this month, is a tool for managing unstructured data—anything that's not a database. AutoVirt President and CEO Josh Klein said the product addresses the problem of companies adding too many file servers and not organizing them properly.

Klein that that because storage is so inexpensive, many companies add extra file servers. Staff at these companies must manually keep track of network paths, and because it's easier to add more servers than consolidate existing ones, they're not utilized fully.

AutoVirt is a software-only solution for these problems. It installs as three virtual machines and allows you, effectively, to treat all storage on your network as one drive, though it's also highly customizable, and allows you to specify which specific hardware will host which data.

Klein said AutoVirt works in any size environment, but is targeting mainly at mid-size businesses—smaller businesses can often muscle through their storage problems manually, and enterprises usually have their own, much larger solutions.

AutoVirt is available for Windows networks and Mac support is planned. It costs about $25,000. More information is available at the AutoVirt site.

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