AT&T relinquishes its right to NT source code

Last fall, AT&T quietly sued Microsoft Corporation, claiming that it had a right to view and modify the source code for Windows NT. Specifically, it was looking for the source code to NT 5.0, which Microsoft was denying the company. AT&T, which is creating a UNIX/NT bridge product called NT Advanced Server for UNIX, signed an agreement with Microsoft in 1991 to port Microsoft LanManager to UNIX. The deal was amended in 1994 to include then-current and future versions of the Windows NT source code. According to AT&T, Microsoft has delayed releasing the source code for various early beta versions of NT 5.0 and then demanded the code back months later. The company says that having the source code is critical for them to release the Advanced Server for UNIX product.

Well, it's over now: According to sources close to the case, Microsoft has settled for an undisclosed dollar amount and will not turn over the source code to NT. The agreement includes a dismissal of the court case and a formal removal of the prior source code agreement

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