Apple ships WebObjects 4.0 for Windows NT

Apple Computer has shipped its Web Objects 4.0 application server software for Windows NT. The new release adds support for Java and tools for speeding application deployment. Web Objects is now relatively bargain priced (compared to earlier versions), starting at $1,500.

"WebObjects, with thousands of blue-chip customers, is the platform of choice for developing robust and scaleable web applications," said Philip Schiller, Apple's vice president of worldwide product marketing. "WebObjects pioneered the application server software market and this version ensures it will continue to lead the category in sales and innovation."

In addition to its new support for Java, WebObjects 4.0 also supports multithreaded application development and improved scalability and monitoring features. WebObjects was a pioneer of Web application development, but the product was largely bypassed by products like Microsoft Active Server Pages/IIS and Allaire Cold Fusion.

For more information, please visit the Apple WebObjects Web site

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