Apple ships Rhapsody beta

As expected, Apple Computer has shipped 10,000 beta copies of Rhapsody, its next-generation operating system, to developers. Dubbed the Developer Release, the beta is designed to help software developers create new programs that will run on the new OS. Rhapsody is derived from Next Software's NextStep and OpenStep operating systems, and features a UNIX kernel with a gorgeous hybrid graphical shell.  This version of Rhapsody runs only on select PowerMac computers but a separate release due soon will target Intel boxes. Future releases of Rhapsody will run on the majority of new Macs and Intel hardware.

Apple will position Rhapsody, due in mid-1998, as a server and high-end workstation operating system similar to Windows NT.

For more information about Rhapsody, please visit the Rhapsody page on Apple's Developer World site

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