Apple releases new software for Windows

Apple Computer and its FileMaker subsidiary announced new versions of their popular AppleWorks and FileMaker software, both of which are available for Windows as well as the Macintosh. Both AppleWorks and FileMaker were formerly published by Claris, which was shutdown by Apple earlier this year. AppleWorks, which was previously sold as ClarisWorks, was brought back into the Apple fold, while FileMaker is now sold by the new FileMaker Incorporated, an Apple subsidiary.

AppleWorks 5.0 is well-known as a small, fast, and light office suite that includes word processing, graphics, illustration, spreadsheet, database, charting/graphing, and presentation modules. It's available for only $99 as well, which is obviously something of a bargain. For more information, and to download a free trial version, please visit the AppleWorks Web site.

FileMaker 4.1 now includes ODBC compatibility and a way to query databases without resorting to cryptic SQL commands. A new import feature allows FileMaker users to import data from Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle 7 databases and create queries or reports. For more information, please visit the FileMaker Web site

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