Apple: No NC announcement at MacWorld

With Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs giving contradictory explanations of Apple's NC strategy, the company finally announced that no NC plans will be divulged at the upcoming MacWorld trade show in January.

According to Ellison, who has a seat on the Apple board, the Apple NC will feature a 300 MHz processor, a 17-inch monitor, run the Mac OS, and cost less than $1000. The device would come sans-hard drive, but one could be added for about $100.

Sounds nice, but interim Apple CEO Steve Jobs says that machine is not in the cards.

"Unfortunately, Larry is pretty far off base," Jobs says about Ellison. "Maybe he is trying to deflect interest from what we are really doing."

Unfortunately, Jobs wouldn't address what Apple is "really doing," saying only that he is "not ready to talk about future products.

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