Apple layoffs due March 14

Struggling computer maker Apple informed its employees today that layoffs would be announced March 14. The announcement came in the form of a letter from CEO Gil Amelio, who informed the 13,000 employees that the company will disclose the number of layoffs, the projects that will be cancelled, and the expected charge for the second quarter in ten days. According to Amelio, Apple has already decided 70% of the changes that have to be made but that the remaining 30% "was tough."

Apple will definitely discontinue the Pippin set-top machine, which has sold poorly. The future of Newton, also a lackluster seller, is being fiercely debated. Newton has lost millions of dollars since its introduction, but many inside Apple feel that it has a future and believe that it is seen as a technology showcase. Apple is attempting to cut $400 million in operating costs so that they can turn a profit by the end of its fiscal year in September

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