Apple Computer posts strong earnings for quarter

Apple Computer posted stronger than expected earnings for its second fiscal quarter, with a profit of $93 million on sales of $1.53 billion. This bested the results from the same quarter last year by about 9%, not a huge amount considering the success of the iMac. Indeed, Apple attributed the results to strong sales of its iMac and "blue" G3 systems.

"We are delighted that Apple grew faster than the industry in its sixth consecutive profitable quarter," said Apple "iCEO" Steve Jobs. "And Apple continues to lead the industry in asset management by ending the quarter with a record one day of inventory, beating Dell for the third quarter in a row."

\[Try not to comment on Jobs comparing Apple to Dell; try not to comment on Jobs comparing Apple to Dell...\]

On a positive note, Jobs also announced that a new revision of the iMac would be released immediately, featuring a 333 MHz processor for the same price as the old 266 MHz version. Sadly, the machine still ships with only 32 MB of RAM

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