AOL's Case testifies as Microsoft trial rumbles to life

America Online (AOL) Chairman Steve Case provided his deposition for the rebuttal phase of the Microsoft trial Friday, opining that Microsoft basically held his company hostage because of the need to ensure a place for AOL on the Windows 95 desktop. Microsoft lawyers, meanwhile, have been trying to convince the court that AOL's recent purchase of Netscape Communications proves that competition is alive and well in the computer industry and that Microsoft, therefore, does not have a monopoly.

"Microsoft decided to include AOL on Windows in its Online Services folder, therefore assuring us ubiquity of distribution on the PC," Case said Friday. "We no longer had to pay \[PC makers\] or beg them to be included on the computer."

Case's deposition is the first step in the resumption of the Microsoft antitrust trial, which is expected to occur the first week of June

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