AOL to release CompuServe 2000

America Online (AOL) will finally unveil its easy-to-use CompuServe 2000 software for its 2 million CompuServe subscribers. Like the America Online software, CompuServe 2000 is based on Internet Explorer 4.0 and features an AOL-like, but professional, interface. CompuServe is aimed at busy business users such as frequent travelers.

"This is not just a business professional service," said CompuServe COO Audrey Weil. "This is for any busy adult that really needs the Internet to manage their lives but wants something simple and reliable."

Weil compares AOL to USA Today and CompuServe to the New York Times as a way of differentiating the markets they serve. CompuServe costs $19.95 monthly, though a yearly plan costs only $200

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