Announcement: Paul's new Visual InterDev book due in early 1999!

Fans of my earlier "Implementing Visual InterDev" title will be happy to hear that I'm now working on a follow-up that will be published by Macmillan publishing in early 1999. I will be writing a hefty portion of "Visual InterDev 6.0 Unleashed" through the end of the year, including an entire section of data-bound Web applications. I don't want to totally give the plot away (so to speak), but I will have provide information as it becomes available.

In other writing news, I just finished work on the "standard" edition of my Visual Basic 6.0 book, which is geared toward college coursework. Dubbed "Visual Basic 6.0 Projects for Windows 98," this beginning-level programming text includes an excellent Web browser application that stands heads and shoulders above anything like it I've seen (if I do say so myself). I'll be following this up with a full semester, three credit version that will include additional projects. I'm not sure how much of this I've mentioned, but I'm also working on at least three Windows NT 5.0 books right now, all aimed at various markets (and you thought all that work on the SuperSite was for nothing!), and will probably be writing a FrontPage 2000 book as well.

Yeah, I'm feeling a little overworked. :)

Anyway, I'll have this and other new information about my writing projects up on the Nexus soon.


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