Americans say no to government blocking Windows 98

By an overwhelming margin, American citizens are against any government, be it state or federal, interfering with Microsoft's planned schedule for releasing Windows 98. In a poll taken by Hart-Teeter Research of over 1000 adults last week, American oppose any action against Microsoft by a margin of 5-to-1. The survey has a margin of error of 3.2%.

"Americans see a role for government regulation in food, drugs, securities, financial markets, consumer protection, and many other areas," said pollster Peter Hart. "Yet, in the minds of most Americans, blocking the release of Windows 98 falls far outside the area of appropriate government regulation."

In the survey, 68% of respondents said that state attorneys generals attempting to block the release of Windows 98 was a bad use of their tax money, while 13% said disagreed. By the same margin, respondents said that Microsoft should be allowed to keep Internet capabilities in the operating system.

"Americans just do not see a need for this dramatic action against a product poised for release," said pollster Robert Teeter. "Four out of five Americans credit Microsoft with helping the economy, and three of four credit the company with benefiting consumers.

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