AMD Seeks Microsoft Documents for Intel Antitrust Case

Microprocessor maker AMD sent a subpoena to Microsoft last Thursday, asking the software giant to provide evidence for AMD's antitrust case against microprocessor market leader Intel. AMD says it asked Microsoft to provide documents related to Microsoft's support for AMD and Intel 64-bit processors, Intel's responses to Microsoft's collaboration with AMD, and any internal Microsoft documentation about the software giant's take on AMD's financial viability.

Since Microsoft was on AMD's original list of 32 companies that would receive subpoenas in the case, the request wasn't a surprise. "We anticipate that both sides will be seeking documents and other evidence from Microsoft and many other participants in the PC industry," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "We will work with the parties in this case to respond to reasonable requests for documents and information."

AMD originally sued Intel in June 2005, accusing the company of illegally maintaining its microprocessor monopoly by using exclusionary business tactics that prevent Intel's customers from doing business with AMD. AMD has also said it's issuing subpoenas to retailers such as Best Buy and Circuit City as well as to PC makers Dell and HP.

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