AMD releases the K6

As expected, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) unveiled its K6 microprocessor yesterday. The K6 is a Pentium Pro-class CPU that features MMX capabilities previously found only on special versions of Intel's Pentium line. The company is positioning the chip right at the heart of Intel's cash cow: the desktop computer market.

"The wait is over," proclaimed AMD's chairman and CEO, Jerry Sanders, who promised that the K6 would always be priced at least 25% less than comparable Intel chips. Currently, the chips are priced much lower than that, actually, so that K6 can get a foothold in a market dominated by only one player: Intel.

"This is the Return of the Jedi," said Sanders, adding, lest there by any confusion: "and we are the Jedi."

OK. Many people are familiar with Microsoft's near-monopoly in operating systems and applications software, but Intel's control of the CPU market is a far greater monopoly. Somehow, Intel has escaped the negative media attention that Microsoft generates from its position in the industry and it now looks like AMD would like to change that.

AMD will sell 166, 200, and 233 Mhz versions of the chips initially

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