AMD gets the nod in court fight over MMX

Three cheers for the little guy. AMD is set to release its K6 processor, a Pentium Pro competitor that undercuts the price of Intel's top of the line chip while adding MMX-compatibility. And that, according to Intel, is the problem. Intel sought a temporary restraining order against AMD to stop it from using the term "MMX" in ads for the K6. Tuesday, a Delaware judge ruled against Intel.

Not coincidentally, AMD officially announced the CPU today and will heavily push the fact that it is MMX-compatible (they had to reverse-engineer this feature, no small feat), faster than the Pentium Pro, and far less expensive. It is the first time since the days of the 386 and 486 CPUs that a company has created a compelling alternative to Intel chips.

According to Intel spokesman Chuck Malloy, "this is a major win for users." No kidding, Chuck

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