Amazon Reports Strong Holiday Sales

Online retailer this week reported its strongest holiday season yet, with a record 5.4 million items sold on December 10 alone, the busiest shopping day of the year. Amazon ramped up shipments to 3.9 million units per day, the company reported, with products being shipped to over 200 countries worldwide.

According to Amazon, the biggest tech sellers of the year included the Nintendo Wii video game console, the video games "Super Mario Galaxy" and "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare," Garmin GPS, Canon PowerShot digital Elph cameras, and Samsung LCD HDTVs. Top electronics sellers included the Apple iPod nano and Amazon Kindle e-book reader. Top selling computers included the Apple Macbook and various HP Pavilion notebook and desktop PCs.

Amazon also provided some fun statistics. It says it sold one Wii every 17 seconds during the holiday selling season, but only when they were in stock. It sold enough high definition DVD players (i.e. Blu-Ray and HD DVD) to cover 7 football fields. And all of the GPS units sold through Amazon would cover the distance between New York City to Philadelphia. (A path which, the retailer cheekily notes, could easily be navigated with GPS.)

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