Adaptec Optimizes Ultra320 SCSI

Adaptec announced that it has developed new technology to increase the performance and lower the overhead that Ultra320 SCSI requires. The new seamless streaming technology maximizes data-transfer rates by letting SCSI devices stream packets of data for different commands, with minimum switching time. The technology sends multiple commands in one connection, which eliminates latency between the commands and lets systems rapidly retrieve up to 512 commands.

"With Seamless Streaming technology, Adaptec is pushing Ultra320 SCSI performance to its theoretical limit," said Lee Caswell, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's Storage Solutions Group. "This technology is another example of how Adaptec is leveraging industry standards as a baseline for developing innovative solutions."

Adaptec uses the technology in its AIC-7902 dual-channel chip, which the company uses throughout its Ultra320 SCSI and Ultra320 SCSI RAID controllers. The chip offers easy migration from Ultra160 to Ultra320 SCSI.

Ultra320 SCSI is the latest SCSI technology. The technology doubles the transfer rate of Ultra160 SCSI.

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