ActiveX to be supported by UNIX, Macintosh and Netscape

I can't say that I really expected this, but next month, beta versions of ActiveX will be made available for Linux, Digital UNIX, Solaris, and the Macintosh. Next quarter, a beta will be released for HP-UX as well. Microsoft is working on the ports with Software AG.

Netscape Communications will provide minimal support for ActiveX in the first release of Communicator, due mid-year. The second release of the product, due by year-end, will fully support ActiveX. Currently, Navigator 3.x will not display any ActiveX content: the first release of Communicator will direct the user to the NCompass ActiveX plug-in when ActiveX content is present on a Web page. Eckart Walther, senior product manager at Netscape says that support for ActiveX is a priority for Netscape. "We will do right by our customers," he said.

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