Access Denied: Displaying a Blank Logon Screen for a Terminal Services Client

How can I prevent Windows from displaying the name of the last user to log on when someone logs on to a Windows 2000 Server Terminal Services client? I've enabled the Do not display last user name in logon screen policy. That policy works fine for local logons. but it doesn't display a blank logon screen when a Terminal Services client logs on.

The Terminal Services client doesn't refer to the Do not display last user name in logon screen policy. To ensure that the User name field is always clear when a Terminal Services user logs on to your server, log on to the server as Administrator and open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Terminal Services Configuration snap-in. In the Connections folder, right-click the RDP-Tcp connection object and select Properties. Click the Logon Settings tab, select Always use the following logon information, clear the User name and Domain fields, then select the Always prompt for password check box, as Figure 1 shows.

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