4 Things About You in IT

From an IT pro perspective

I've been the brunt of several "4 things" email messages from friends and family recently, in which the recipient of the challenge has to list 4 of his or her favorite foods, 4 people who email him or her, etc.

I would much prefer to see answers to more challenging questions such as "what 4 things would your CTO not like to hear from your lips?" So....

Here's a 4 things challenge from an IT pro perspective:

4 jobs you've held in IT:
4 jobs you've held that weren't in IT:
4 things you're working on today on the job:
4 favorite IT-related items ever(software, freeware, hardware, games, gadgets):
4 challenges your department faces this year:
4 things you can't say to your CTO:
4 things you'd like to see someone invent to help IT pros:

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