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Before You Begin

I tested Auditor on several systems, both laptop and desktop, and most of the time everything worked as expected. In one instance, the USB drivers failed to load, causing the boot to fail; in another instance, Auditor didn't recognize my USB mouse, so I needed to unplug and replug in the mouse. Also, the program wouldn't run under VMware. Of course, one advantage of running Auditor as a CD-ROM—based system is that it's difficult to cause any damage through a misconfiguration. Simply reboot the CD-ROM, and you're back to a clean slate.

You might also experience incompatibilities if you run nonmainstream hardware. For example, some of Auditor's wireless tools work only with specific wireless cards: Some of the tools recognized my Cisco Systems' Cisco Aironet 350 card, whereas others didn't. This isn't necessarily a limitation of the toolkit; it's simply a reflection of choices made by the developers of certain individual tools.

Most of the tools are current, but some haven't been updated in quite a while, which could make a difference in those tools' effectiveness. For example, the Raccess tool hasn't been updated by the author since 2002 and many of the vulnerabilities it's designed to detect are patched on more recent software releases, so this tool probably isn't the most useful that Auditor offers.

Please be aware that all the tools in the collection can be used for nefarious purposes, so before you use any of them, be sure you have explicit permission from your company or organization. You wouldn't want anyone misinterpreting your intentions.

TAGS: Security
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