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Yahoo! and Adobe Link Web Services

Web giant Yahoo! and the document and imaging experts at Adobe are teaming up to provide integrated online searching and services. Under terms of the agreement, Adobe will distribute with Adobe Reader a specially customized version of Yahoo!'s free Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) search toolbar, and Yahoo! will provide functionality in the toolbar that will let customers save Web pages in Adobe's PDF format.
"Adobe and Yahoo! share a common vision for providing consumers with services that help them get the most out of using the Internet," Adobe Executive Vice President Shantanu Narayen said. "Combining Yahoo!'s leadership in delivering content and services online with the ubiquitous Adobe Reader, Adobe and Yahoo! will bring a new level of simplicity and relevance to online services."
Later this week, Adobe will release the cobranded version of Yahoo!'s IE toolbar, which will initially provide access to Yahoo! search, antispyware, and pop-up blocking services, as well as Adobe PDF Online, an Adobe service that helps consumers easily create PDF files. A future version of the toolbar will help users quickly convert Web pages into PDF files, making it easier to access Web content while offline. Additionally, a future version of Adobe Reader will include Yahoo! search as the default Internet search engine.
Adobe has distributed Adobe Reader to more than 500 million users worldwide, according to the company. That market penetration convinced Yahoo! to work with Adobe to integrate the two companies' services. "We call \[the strategy\] being available at the point of inspiration," Yahoo! Search Vice President Tim Cadogan said. "This is just a start for the integration between the two companies. With a little creativity to think it through, we hope our partnership will help consumers find information and create information."

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