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Xbox Music Book 0.4

Here's a fourth release of Xbox Music Book, currently in-progress

Here’s a quick interim release of the Xbox Music Book, which includes some new content about the Music app for Windows 8/RT and a ton of new content about Xbox Music on Xbox 360.

New content in the Windows 8/RT section includes a tour of the Music app and importing Zune and Windows Media Player playlists.

I’ve written a lot of the Xbox 360 section, including use an Xbox media remote, find and launch the Xbox Music app, tour of the Xbox Music app, find music using search, and some sections on music pinning,

I’m thinking the Xbox 360 section is about 2/3 complete, so I’ll probably wrap that part up pretty quickly. I’ve not written anything for the Windows Phone 8 or integration sections yet.

Download Xbox Music Book 0.4.

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