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Xbox 2 Rumors Continue To Swirl

The Xbox 2 ("Xbox Next") rumor mill is going strong. It's rare for a day to go by without hearing a new rumor. The latest leaks suggest that the Xbox 2 will sport a new name and some unique features. According to several reports, Microsoft has decided to name its next-generation game console the Xbox 360. The name has been floating around for a while and is reportedly aimed at avoiding using the name Xbox 2 because the number 2 might sound inferior to Sony's PlayStation 3. Some of the planned features for the Xbox 360 include wireless controllers and an optional and removable mass storage device. If it happens, Microsoft won't be the first console manufacturer to develop wireless controllers—Nintendo makes a popular wireless-controller accessory pack—but it will be the first time the feature is included in a console by default. Some rumors suggest the Xbox will come in two different configurations: one with a mass storage device and one without. According to a report in a video game industry publication, developers have confirmed that Microsoft has told them that some Xbox 360 consoles will include mass storage, but developers shouldn't develop their games to rely on its presence. As part of the storage accessory rumor, there are signs that the accessory might be able to act as a portable media device, much like an Apple iPod. This is a rumor that first surfaced last year but appears to be picking up speed. This development could be an interesting way for Microsoft to attack Apple's grasp on pop culture. But remember, folks: These are all rumors until Microsoft officially announces the console. We should have the whole picture by the time the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) rolls around in May

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