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Write ordering and Storage Spaces Direct. PB&J!

Write ordering and Storage Spaces Direct. PB&J!

Q. Does Storage Spaces Direct support write ordering?

A. Windows Server 2016 includes the new Storage Spaces Direct technology which enables local storage attached to nodes in a cluster to be aggregated across the cluster and be made available as a cluster shared volume with full disk and node resiliency. Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) supports both synchronous and asynchronous replication and it is the later replication where the write ordering is important for certain workloads. Write ordering ensures that write orders across disks are maintained during the replication which ensures in the even of a failover the disks are still in a consistent state and safe from any corruption caused by writes out of sequence across disks. This is supported by Storage Spaces Direct by selecting the Enable Write Ordering option when configuring the replication.

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