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Windows Scripting Host in Memphis

One of the more interesting features of the upcoming sequel to Windows 95, code-named "Memphis", is Windows Scripting Host (WSH), which is a way to use any Active Scripting language--such as VBScript or JavaScript--as a native Win32 scripting solution. WSH will also be integrated in Windows NT 5.0. Microsoft has a WSH home page on the Web which includes a whitepaper about the technology and a Windows Scripting Object Model. Previous to WSH, the only way to "script" the OS was to use ancient MS-DOS batch files. WSH brings the power of VBScript and JavaScript, previously available only to Web browsers, to the desktop. WSH scripts can be executed directly from the desktop, or from the Windows command line, without the need to embed the scripts in HTML documents. Want more information? Windows Scripting Host (Microsoft)

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