Windows 2000 Server Logs 1 Million Sales

Today Microsoft announced that Windows 2000 Server sales will surpass 1 million units this month--one year after the product's release. Win2K Server, which sells in standard, Advanced Server, and Datacenter Server editions, is the result of years of work on Microsoft's NT code base, with major improvements in ease-of-use, capabilities, and scalability. The company says that businesses that have deployed Win2K Server have saved an average of 18 percent per year in total cost of ownership (TCO). Work on the next version of Win2K Server continues; the company expects to ship a sequel in late 2001 or early 2002.
"Microsoft launched Win2K a year ago with the commitment that it would improve business operations for customers today and as their needs and the competitive landscape evolve in the future," says Microsoft President and CEO Steve Ballmer. "The 1-million server mark is strong feedback from our customers that the Win2K Server family is delivering the reliability and business agility they need to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced digital economy. We're delighted at the response from customers, as well as the growth opportunity this represents for Microsoft."
Microsoft has been curiously silent about sales of its Win2K product line, which appears to have been selling poorly. But Win2K isn't oriented for the consumer market, which tends to upgrade to new software releases far more regularly than the business market. Businesses that deploy products such as Win2K do so on measured, long-term schedules. And according to a report earlier this year, most enterprise-based Win2K upgrades will occur this year.
For more information about Win2K deployment, see these Web sites:

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