Where is the SQL Server FAQ?

A. A. Contrary to appearance this message isn't strictly speaking a faq entry - just something I have done to save some time answering common questions on the newsgroups. There isn't one all encompassing FAQ like there is for some non-Microsoft newsgroups. See sqlbooks.txt in the FAQ for lists of several places for good info.

This "FAQ" is held at various locations. The most-up-to-date version is always on the compuserve site and is held as a single zip file. The other versions are maintained (and sometimes added to) by the owners of the various sites, some have search engines around it etc. N.B. there is no copyright or restriction whatsoever on other people using/publishing the FAQ as long as it is not for commercial gain. If you want to use the whole FAQ or any part of it, then just let me know ([email protected]) and I will add you to the mailing list for FAQ update.

http://forumsb.compuserve.com/vlforums/UK/default.asp?SRV=MSDevApps (library 7 (SQL Public) - sqlfaq.zip - anyone can download - you don't have to be a CIS member)

The Microsoft "official" faq is at :-

Plenty more SQL articles, bug reports etc. can be found by searching the Microsoft Knowledgebase at www.microsoft.com/support. An off-line copy of the knowledgebase as well as hundreds of articles, white-papers, resource-kits, service packs etc. can be found on the Technet CD. If you don't subscribe to Technet then do so NOW as it is the single most important source of knowledge for support staff responsible for Microsoft technologies.

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