When I Try to Install the Proxy Server 2.0 Update in Windows 2000, Why Does Setup Hang When It's Stopping or Restarting the WWW Service? - 27 Nov 2000

For Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 to function properly on a Windows 2000-based server, you must update Proxy Server using the Microsoft BackOffice Server 4.5 Readiness Kit for Windows 2000. When you install this update, Setup stops and later restarts the World Wide Web (WWW) Publishing service. Setup might seem to hang while it's stopping and restarting the WWW service, displaying one of the following messages:

Setup is stopping the WWW services.
Setup is starting the WWW services.

The Setup program doesn't actually hang; the WWW service does eventually stop and restart. You have two options: You can wait for the WWW service to stop and restart, but this might take a long time. Or you can manually stop and restart the WWW service:

   1. From the Start menu, select Programs, Administrative Tools, Services.
   2. When Setup attempts to stop the WWW service, manually stop the WWW Publishing service.
   3. After the update is complete and Setup attempts to restart the WWW service, manually restart the World Wide Web Publishing service.

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