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What's Hot: Products From Motion Computing, ObjectPlanet, and System Tools

Readers highlight exceptional products that help them do their job

Become More Organized

A Windows & .NET Magazine reader nominates Motion Computing's Motion M1200 Tablet PC as a top product. The reader says, "My Tablet PC from Motion Computing has changed my IT life. I'm a consultant who is constantly on the move. When I walked into a client's office, I used to grab a piece of paper from the printer and take notes on whatever problems existed and my recommended fixes. My intention was to make my notes digital at a later date. Needless to say, I never transferred the information and was always digging through papers to find what I needed. Now that I have my Tablet PC, I carry it from desk to desk. My life is much more organized and my documentation has improved dramatically."

The Motion M1200 Tablet PC features an Intel 933MHz Pentium III processor, integrated 802.11 wireless networking capability, a 12.1" XGA Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display, 256MB of RAM, and as much as 60GB of hard disk space. The product measures 1" thick and weighs less than 3 pounds. Pricing for the M1200 model starts at $1699.

Monitor Network Bandwidth

ObjectPlanet, Network Probe,, [email protected]

ObjectPlanet's Network Probe is a free network monitor and protocol analyzer that provides you with an instant picture of your network traffic in real time. You can identify and isolate traffic problems and congestion on your network. You can view network traffic as a combination of tables and charts, which provide you with detailed information about hosts and protocols. You can search, sort, and filter information. The software lets you watch conversations that are taking place on your network and to and from the Internet. You can also use the software to inspect detailed logged statistical data from days and weeks earlier.

Paul Nicolette of Trenton, New Jersey, recommends Network Probe as a top product. He says, "To find out who's doing what to our network bandwidth, it's hard to beat Network Probe. The software provides a good overview of traffic with charts and extensive recognition of traffic types by port number. You can drill down to considerable detail. Network Probe is an amazingly useful product, and it works better for us than products from more popular vendors."

Network Probe 1.0 runs on Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT. You can also download Network Probe 0.5, a free utility that has many of the complete product's features.

Enhance NT Login Script Capabilities, SystemTools NTconnect,, 830-779-2349, 877-797-8665

Peter De Tender of Belgium provides high praise for's SystemTools NTconnect, software that provides Novell NetWareā€“like login script capabilities under Windows NT. De Tender says, "NTconnect is a handy tool for providing excellent login script capabilities on Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, and NT systems. By using its command tools, you can call from a standard loginscript.bat file to have awesome possibilities and features from your login script. You can map drive letters according to user group membership, push printers according to groups, and send pop-up messages to a user after login. I'm in the IT business performing several Windows 2003, Win2K, and NT upgrades a month. A lot of networks are using very complicated NT login script files, which are hard to configure using Active Directory and group policies. However, NTconnect makes it all possible. I'm very happy about this tool, especially because it's free."

NTconnect also supports program execution and registry modification and provides additional NT command-line support. A free download also provides Help files and examples. NTconnect doesn't support Windows 9x clients.

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