What user environment extensions does the Windows 2000 terminal server component add?

A. A new built-in group has been added in 2000 called ‘Terminal Services Users’ which works in a similar way to the ‘Interactive Users Group’ and when a user logs on via Terminal Services they are part of this groups.

The Terminal Services Users group SID can then be applied to files, folders, anything with an ACL and allow only people logged on via Terminal Services access. You could also test for this group membership during login script etc to perform different actions.

On top of the ‘Remote Control’ tab for users, three extra tabs are added. As shown in figure 3, ‘Terminal Services Profile’ allows an alternative profile and local path to be specified when connecting via terminal server.

The ‘Environment’ tab allows you to specify a program to automatically run when you login via Terminal Services and options to connect to client drives and printers.

Finally the ‘Sessions’ tab allows times to be set before active and idle sessions are disconnected and how long after a session is disconnect before it is totally closed.

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